My Kinda Intro

Why you should/shouldn’t follow me


…yeah. You’re all probably wondering what the hell this blog has to offer with a dumb name like that. A pleasure to meet you all, I am Mozu. A (supposedly) self-proclaimed weeaboo.

Writing has been something which has stuck with me since I was 11 years old. That was back in 2010 when I moved to the UK. The schools there were different from the school I used to attend before that, this one focused more on helping us improve on our writing and even gave us books to read as homework, which I had never experienced beforehand. Looking back now, that was probably the trigger that led me to pursue a job that leaned more towards the literary side of things. I didn’t think much of it back then but now I can very much say I love writing. It helps me to express the things I can’t say outside of the screen. Dark.. dank.. unspeakable things.

My motivation

Last year during the month of October, I had to sit for an exam that ultimately determined my future. I remember being quite stressed at the time – studying intensively 1 month before the exams, despite slacking off for pretty much the rest of the school year that led up to it. Good job me. Although I feigned impassiveness about it towards others, I could feel it slowly consume me and eat away at my limited confidence. Around the week before I took my exam I came across this video, during one of my study breaks, on YouTube.

Before I started studying seriously for the exams I played a game called “Dark Souls 3” and I was really addicted to it. I can’t quite put it into words but that game felt unique to me somehow, it felt new, unique and at that time I felt something along the lines of “why hadn’t I played this sooner?” towards it. It was also my first DkS game. Long story short I really really loved it.

Anyways, I searched for “Dark Souls Waifu” (Something along those lines basically. I’m not even kidding) and there ACTUALLY WAS A DARK SOULS WAIFU LIST.

-someone who has fallen to the deepest depths of Hell only to realise that someone else was already there before him.


I immediately watched it and it was goddamn hilarious. It instantly brought my spirits back up. I kept watching more and more of his videos and before I knew it I was obsessed. Indeimaus became my favourite youtuber from then on (and still is honestly). I can definitely say that him, his videos and pretty much the Dark Souls community were a large factor for me passing that exam. I’m not trying to exaggerate and say he saved my life or anything. But I am truly greatful to them.

What I’m trying to get across is that I want to help someone just like he did to me. I know he’s a youtuber and I’m a blogger, which are both different, but I think both platforms have similar aims – which is something we use to express our passion and love for something, his case being his love for stones and me towards anime or hentai, they’re both the same anyways. Which pretty much what my hobbies and lifestyle revolves around, hence the name “weeblife”. Hey, I dont have a good naming sense.

Thats pretty much it

And in all seriousness, if any of my contents ever helps you in any way. I’d be more than happy. Today was kinda early but I’ll be posting every Sundays, and hopefully more per week when the holidays start.

P.S. sorry for potato english. I also don’t know how to edit and I’m new to all this so if any of you have any advice or criticism to give me, please do tell me. Or give me suggestions on the animes for my anime reviews (and anything related to Japanese culture basically, I’m down for anything!)